Aquatic Life

Aquatic Life - Login PageProject Term: Spring/Summer 2018

Aquatic Life Ltd. is a local business that specializes in environmental water monitoring systems and instrumentation. Our students were able to help them develop a hub to monitor readings online and in real-time.
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Open Democracy Manitoba

Winnipeg Election - Home Page

Project Term: Winter 2018

Open Democracy Manitoba builds non-partisan election websites to help citizens inform their vote. Within their sites are features like an address lookup tool, archived previous election results and automatic news fetching regarding specific candidates, and the general election.

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Random Transport

Random Transport - Log In Page

Project Term: Winter 2018

Random Transport is a company that transports RVs with service throughout the Northern United States, Ontario, and Western Canada. Our students were able to develop some solutions to improve the flow of their daily operations.
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Easy Forms

Easy Forms siteProject Term: Winter 2018

The Easy Forms project was an exciting collaborative project, started by Evans Family Law, and supported by both ACE Project Space students and RRC Business Administration students.
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Tooliaba – Part 2

Tooliaba site Home Page

Project Term: Winter 2018

As a second iteration through the ACE Project Space, the Tooliaba project sought to create more functionality for this sharing economy style service website. Tooliaba’s goal is to satisfy a niche of users who can rent the hardware tools they own out to others and also rent tools they don’t have.
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