Learn the concepts and skills needed to manage IT projects.

Fast-track your career, at the intersection of business and technology

A future in Business Technology Management (BTM) means connecting, leading, and supporting business domain needs with information technologies. Enrol with Red River College and you will learn the right technical skills for analysis, design, and project management in this evolving profession. Our program is designed to fast-track you from the classroom to the workplace, supported by practical experience through co-operative work and/or industry project.

Located in the charming Exchange District, in Winnipeg, this program takes place at our Roblin Centre Campus with content delivery to your personal laptop.

About Our Program

Based on competencies and learning outcomes defined by corporate and academic members of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), our BTM program is designed to provide graduates with a solid foundation in information and communication technology. This professional diploma seeks to improve the quality and quantity of business professionals capable of implementing information and communication technologies to achieve productivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and competitive advantage.

The Business Technology Management Diploma builds upon a combined set of information technology and business courses, providing training in three distinct areas:

Technical Computer courses that include networking/administration, database management, web development, and object oriented programming

Business Analyst and Project Management courses where students will learn to analyze, design, and manage IT based projects in businesses.

Related Business courses where students will learn the fundamentals of business including economics, accounting, communications, business processes, business law, and management and organizational behaviour.

We provide graduates with the knowledge and skills required to analyze, design, and manage projects and business in the IT field, by building on a combined set of IT and business courses. You’ll be exposed to a variety of case studies and practical skills to help you become effective in advising or managing teams.

To best prepare our students for the workforce, work experience is a program requirement. Students are eligible for their co-operative work experience or industry project after completing their first three academic terms.

Professional Employment Potential

Business technology managers can typically be found small and large, profit and non-profit organizations that use information systems. We aim to prepare our grads for careers including the following job titles and more:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Systems Architect
  • ICT Product & Service Sales
  • Project Leader/Manager
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • eBusiness Analyst
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Systems Integrator
  • User Support Specialist
  • Business & ICT Educator/Trainer

Is this program the right fit for me?

Are you a natural leader? Are you an open communicator? Do you enjoy sharing and presenting your ideas with others? Are you a natural problem solver? Are you the kind of person who likes to research solutions before making decisions? Do you strive to continually improve processes all around you? Do you enjoy working with people in teams?

These are all desirable skills for business technology managers. Prior related work experience or post-secondary education is not a requirement to enrol in BTM. Working in this professional field means solving business problems, improving processes, bridging gaps between IT and business, and working with people in teams.

Get a solid foundation in information and communication technology. Learn the concepts and skills needed to manage IT projects.

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