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Lab Spaces for BIT Students

We have a number of lab spaces available to students studying in the Business Information Technology program. Our current labs are as follows:

Networking lab P305

The networking lab in P305 is a firewalled environment, where the following knowledge areas are taught: CCNA 2; CCNA 3; CCNA 4; Network Skills; and Network Security utilizing Fortinet equipment. There is also a virtualized server environment supporting the lab.

Networking lab P306

The networking lab in P306 is a firewalled environment that has evolved over the years. It currently supports introductory topics such as the Information Systems and CCNA 1 Network Computing. Students can explore and discover the internal P306 network safely without disrupting the college’s production network.

ACE Project Space

The ACE Project Space is designed to complement a number of learning areas. Not only is it a space where our BIT students can complete their Industry Project team, working on real-world minimum viable products – it also adds value to our networking students.

Our network computing students run a server network out of the ACE Project Space as part of their term project. This server network in turn, supports our research students and Industry Project students.

Of course, all BIT, BTM, and Information Security students and research assistants are welcome to use the ACE Project Space as a place of work and study.

Our network labs offer crucial value to students

Our networking labs are used for hands on / interactive teaching / learning of network and security fundamentals which need to be delivered in a secure firewalled isolated environment so students would not disrupt existing production systems. Students get work on actual equipment that they would see in production networks in small and medium businesses at the access level. We are one of the few exclusive post-secondary networking environments in Manitoba.

Students benefit from our labs as they provides a kinesthetic learning environment for students where they get to see and interact with equipment that is normally secured and hidden from everyone, except trusted IT Network / Security Professionals. Our students use actual production access level switches, routers, and firewalls with an available virtualized server network. Students are able to access, configure, and manage Switches, Routers, and Access Points using command line interface (CLI) and graphical user interface (GUI). Additionally, they learn and apply common network protocols such as Internet Protocol (IP), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Dynamic Routing Protocol, and Network Security Protocols.