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Here at Red River College, let us help you tailor your education in Business Information Technology. Many honored alumni have graduated from our program since it was first offered as Computer Analyst/Programmer in 1968. Our graduates have gone on to build careers in leadership, virtual reality, system administration, augmented reality, entrepreneurship, information security, database management administration, and so much more. Where will this journey take you?

Come study at the Roblin Centre Campus, located in the scenic Exchange District of Winnipeg. There is a laptop requirement for this program as course content is delivered digitally.

About Our Program

Over the past 50 years, with the helpful guidance of our advisory committee, our program has grown and evolved to become what it is today. The advisory committee is made up of more than 20 active industry members who give us insight into the the role of an IT professional in Winnipeg, and meet twice per year. The result is a curriculum designed to deliver up-to-date and relevant skills to our students that meet the needs of industry, both locally and worldwide.

Our goal for our students is to for them to have the best academic experience possible while they are in the BIT program.  Students learn a combination of technical skills they can apply, along business and soft skills required to land a job within the IT profession.

In this modern age of the “Internet of Everything” (IOE),  there is a greater need than ever for students to understand how different areas of information technology work together. In the early terms of study, our students get an appropriate amount of exposure to areas of: Application Development; Database Management; Network Management, and Web Development.

We offer a number of electives and in-class projects where students can steer their education in the direction they wish to follow. In their third term, students have the option to choose an elective in either network management or application development. In the final term of study, students enjoy the largest selection of electives that may cover the following areas:

  • Network Management: skills for network administration, security and disaster recovery, platform integration, and Windows and Unix servers. Students will have the opportunity to complete their cisco networking certificate.
  • Web Development: learn a full-stack web development framework and an option to learn security for web.
  • Application Development: learn all about data structures or switch mediums in  mobile application development.
  • Database Management: learn the administration aspects of a DBMS product or learn the basics of data warehousing.

With a preference towards applied learning, in lieu of theoretical learning, our classes typically contain no more than 35 students. In most of our technical classes, students will have an instructor and an educational assistant, often structured with a lesson and then time to work on problems and receive assistance in class. The majority of our classes run for 5 hours per week for 16 weeks of study, but can vary in length.

While students will usually receive some time in class to start and complete assignments, it is expected that students will commit time outside of class to complete projects and assignments. We recommend that students think of their school-day as a full-time job and commit to being on campus for 8 or 9 hours per day.

For two hours each week, students attend Professional Development workshops, where they navigate a variety of areas to support their success in the working world and develop ePortfolios to showcase their work to potential employers. Our instructors teach them how to advocate for themselves and cultivate positive work relationships.

Work experience is a program requirement, students are eligible for their co-operative work experience or industry project after completing their first three academic terms. There are limited paid co-operative work experience positions available each term, which students will compete for as you would for a typical job opportunity. By contrast, industry project students enjoy a rich contract-style experience in the ACE Project Space. While industry project is unpaid, students gain robust skill sets by working for real clients.

Upon graduation, students earn a Business Information Technology Diploma, which is CIPS accredited. Students are eligible to use the employment office for 6 months after graduation for support on resume writing/cover letter and interviews.

Professional Employment Potential

Graduates are highly regarded in the job marketplace combining technical skills, communication skills and practical business knowledge. Employment opportunities exist in developing both business and web applications, providing technical support to existing systems and applications and working with database applications. Small, medium and large companies from all different sectors are looking for IT specialists to work with and develop current and new technologies. Graduates are employed in a variety of IT positions in small and large companies.

Sample job titles that graduates have had:

  • Application Programmer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Generator
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Front End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Information System Analyst
  • Information Systems Associates
  • IT Change Management
  • IT Client Services Technician
  • IT Generalist/Systems Analyst I
  • IT Support
  • Lead Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • PHP Developer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Retail Technician & Store Connect
  • Senior ITS
  • Service Desk Agent
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Support Technician
  • Systems Technician
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems and Work Admin
  • Systems Development and Support Web Developer
  • Technical Customer Service Associate
  • Technical Support
  • Web Developer

Is this program the right fit for me?

Are you committed to lifelong learning? Are you a natural problem solver? Do you enjoy devising solutions through research and analysis? Are you patient and persistent? Do you have strong mathematical ability?

All of the above abilities will help you be successful as a student of Business Information Technology, and as an IT professional. Previous experience in technology is not required, however please be advised that there is a significant amount of typing required for this program which demands a level of manual dexterity.

The College also offers an Introduction to Business Information Technology program designed for applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for the two-year Business Information Technology program.

Discover information technology (IT), including web development and database and network management.

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