A collaborative place for researchers, students, industry, and community.

Collaboration on Machine Learning in Action

The Centre for Machine Learning Studies is a working lab and educational facility that invites researchers from industry and academia to develop solutions using Machine Learning techniques. It is designed to be a collaborative place for researchers, students, industry and community to share ideas and provide solutions using Machine Learning.

The Centre supports researchers by providing office spaces, meeting rooms, hardware and software required to do their work. It also provides researchers with the opportunities to connect with other researchers interested in Machine Learning from all around the globe.

By running regular classes, workshops, and seminars in the field of Machine Learning, the Centre creates awareness and addresses specific advanced subject in the field of Machine Learning.

Our facilities are equipped with internal High Performance Computing (HPC) servers, with supporting databanks, and other devices to provide the computational power for researchers and users of the centre. This way, they can run their algorithms and be able to process large datasets in a reasonable time.