Red River College

ISACA Student Group

Established in 2019, the RRC ISACA Student Group’s main goal is to help members navigate a career in infosec, and to provide them with opportunities for professional and technical growth.

RRC ISACA Student Goup

The Red River College ISACA Student Group (RRC-ISG) is for students who are interested in information security (infosec). Our main goal is to help our members navigate a career in infosec, and to provide them with opportunities for professional and technical growth. We are an official affiliate of the local ISACA Winnipeg Chapter.

Information security, often shortened to infosec, is an umbrella term for a variety of topics that revolve around the development, management and audit of secure systems. A more professional definition would describe it as a process that ensures that within the enterprise, information is protected against disclosure to unauthorized users , improper modification, and non-access when required (Source: ISACA).



Develop a Professional Network
Connect with fellow students who are also interested in information security, audit systems, information systems, cybersecurity, enterprise governance of IT, or IT risk management. Meet security professionals and connect with industry leaders face to face at our events.

Stand Out to Recruiters
Show initiative to future employers through involvement. Become a leader by participating in event organization, or by joining our student board. Familiarize yourself with infosec topics by attending our events, and gain a deeper understanding of the type of career you would like to pursue.

Obtain Mentorship from Experienced Practitioners
Gain insight on a wide range of infosec careers from industry professionals. The need for information security continues to grow, and infosec professionals are in high demand. The industry benefits from cultivating young talent.

Member Resources


The RRC-ISG Learn shell is available to all current students, and will be our main method of posting announcements and sharing other documents. To obtain access to the Learn shell, please contact a board member with your student number and academic email. The RRC-ISG Discord is an online space for our members and alumni to share and chat amongst themselves. Once you have joined the Discord, please DM an admin or moderator to give you the appropriate user permissions.

Winter 2020 Board Members



Vice President






Membership Chair


Event Coordinators


Academic Advisor

Karen Kabel

Premium ISACA Student Membership (optional)

While RRC-ISG is affiliated with ISACA, becoming a member of this student group does not grant you the same status as other ISACA Members. To qualify for an ISACA Student Membership, you only need to be a registered student at a post-secondary institution.

ISACA Membership Benefits

  • Community & Leadership
    Connect with over 165 000 professionals through ISACA’s online community, Knowledge Center. Attend local Chapter Meetings to grow your knowledge and connect with other professionals.
  • Research & Knowledge
    Gain access to the ISACA® Journal, and receive free/discounted access to other publications. Member-exclusive content includes MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).
  • Professional Development
    Receive free attendance to webinars and virtual conferences, plus member discounts on ISACA events. Increase your exposure to potential employers through ISACA’s Online Career Centre, and learn about ISACA’s certifications.

Click here for more information about ISACA Student Membership. If you require assistance in the application process, or have further questions, please reach out to us.