Our talented students at the ACE Project Space work with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and realize ideas into real products.

Our Research Team


Randal Peters, Instructor, Applied Computer Education (ACE)
Projects: Natural Language Processing for Intent

Randal instructs upcoming generations of ICT specialists using first-hand experience from academic and entrepreneurial ventures. His interests include continuous learning of leading-edge trends in technology and developing new ways to apply them for the benefit of corporate and non-profit organizations.

Randal specializes in: data management and analytics; machine learning; system architectures and frameworks; object-oriented analysis and design; classroom instruction, and entrepreneurial advisement.

Haider Al-Saidi, Chair, Applied Computer Education (ACE)
Projects: Machine Learning Interpretation of Electroencephalographic Data; Ultrahaptics; Facial Recognition; Wheelchair Training Simulator; Natural Language Processing for Smart Desk

Haider chair’s the Applied Computer Education department at Red River College and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) which he joined in 1991. He currently serves the position Chair of the Business Technology Management Accreditation Council. In 2009 he was elected to chair the Winnipeg IEEE section. From 1993 until 2000, Haider led the development team of ICUCOM Corporation in Troy, NY, which then acquired by Applied Wave Research in El Segundo, CA where he worked there until 2002. Haider joined the Assiniboine Community College and developed with other team members the Wireless Communication Engineering Technology program in 2002. The same year he started Tiacomm, an IT startup company. Haider’s current interest is in the areas of adaptive systems, and machine learning. He started working in this field since he was at ICUCOM Corporation when he developed algorithms to solve the multipath phenomenon using decision feedback equalization.

Research Assistants

Elsanussi Mneina
Project: Machine Learning of Electroencephalographic Data

A Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Linguistics, Elsanussi brings an intriguing skill set to this project. With professional experience in application development and a passion for language and technology, we are excited to see outcomes for this project-in-progress.

Matthias Yoo
Project: Natural Language Processing for Smart Desk

A Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), Matthias specializes in computer graphic and human computer interaction. He brings with him experience in research assistance and is presently a Lead Researcher/Developer at Bit Space Development.


Jonee Ryan Ty
Project: Facial Recognition

Currently studying Business Information Technology at Red River College, Jonee also holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, majoring in Computational Science. He brings with him many years of experience as a developer/engineer.

Toan Thanh Le
Project: Wheelchair Training Simulator

A current student of Business Information Technology at Red River College, Toan also holds a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering degree. His experience as a hardware designer, routing robots using GPS, and a familiarity with C and C++ will certainly be an asset on the Wheelchair Training project.

Rob Okany
Project: Wheelchair Training Simulator

Rob is presently enrolled in the Electronics Engineering Technology program and holds a Bachelor of Political Science with a Minor in Computer Science. He brings with him practical experience in software experience, and knowledge in areas of: circuit theory; semi-conductors; ac and dc circuits; and micro-controllers.

Tuan Huynh
Project: Natural Language Processing for Intent

Tuan is presently studying Business Technology Management (BTM) and Business Information Technology (BIT), both are ACE programs. He is working with Randal Peters on conducting analysis on using Natural Language Processing to interpret the intent of conversational data. As a student of both BIT and BTM, Tuan is able to bring multiple skills and knowledge areas to approach this problem domain.