Our talented students at the ACE Project Space work with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and realize ideas into real products.

Get Involved with the ACE Project Space

Would you like to help the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs? There are many ways you can help nurture our students at the ACE Project Space.

We Welcome Visitors to Project Space

Having a visitor from industry reach out to our students, either by coming in for a question and answer period to presenting on what your daily activities are like, our students thrive on receiving real-world advice from professionals out in industry.

Perhaps you are interested in mentoring students on a particular project and advising on technologies our students are learning and applying to real projects. Or maybe you wish to deliver your own seminars or webinars after working-hours. The ACE Project Space is here to help facilitate service to community.

Partner With Us

We have partnered with numerous organizations to help them run workshops and events in our physical space, such as North Forge, New Media Manitoba, and more.

Please visit our partnership link to find out about our current partnerships and how to get involved. Also, don’t miss out any exciting upcoming events by visiting our calendar.

Community Outreach

The Applied Computer Education goes to many efforts to promote careers in technology and positive culture in the technology community in Winnipeg. For the ACE Project Space, this can mean providing space for organizations like Canada Learning Code to run events or a place where organizers and performers from Techapalooza can prepare for their annual event. We also welcome educators to visit our space and learn about how we deliver project-based education.

Please visit our community outreach link to find out more about how we can help your organization. Also, don’t miss out any exciting upcoming events by visiting our calendar.

Have an idea you would like to bring to life?

Each term of study, our ACE Project Space connects entrepreneurs and organizations with student teams who spend an entire term of study of full-day workdays realizing ideas into technology solutions. Please visit our link on becoming an Entrepreneur-In-Residence, or apply today.

Propose your idea today!


Have a concept you would like us to research?

We have a number of research projects where our students are exploring ways to integrate technology with assistive devices. The nature of these projects might not produce a minimum-viable-product, rather, they serve to explore the possibilities of an idea. Please get in touch with us using the contact details below to find out more.

For more information please contact the Applied Computer Education Department.

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