Our talented students at the ACE Project Space work with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and realize ideas into real products.

Funding Opportunities Within the ACE Project Space

As a space for applied research, the ACE Project Space and our project sponsors have been fortunate to benefit from a number of funding opportunities. We can help direct our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence towards funding opportunities. We have worked with the following organizations, who offer funding towards research and startup grants:

NSERC: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
As an organization that supports post-secondary students in advancing their studies, NSERC provides funding towards research activities that are done in collaboration with industry. NSERC is a federal funding organization that supports research in the area of natural science and has several funding models depending on the size and the scope of the project.

IRAP: Industrial Research Assistance Program
A number of our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence have benefitted from IRAP funding, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada.

ITAC: Information Technology Association of Canada
The ITAC Career Ready Program is a wage subsidy program where eligible small and medium-sized enterprises can receive a subsidy towards paying Business Technology Management (BTM) students during their work experience terms, which includes students on industry project here in the ACE Project Space. This subsidy covers 50% of student wages, and up to 70% for students from underrepresented groups. Visit for details

CARD: College Applied Research Development Fund
The RRC CARD Fund is an internal fund that encourages faculty, staff, and students to engage in practical research activities at the College. By providing opportunities and resources, the CARD fund helps the College to develop and build its internal research capacity.

Through Mitacs Accelerate, students are eligible to receive funding for themselves and the projects they work on. Partner organizations have an opportunity to solve research challenges, when they sponsor an intern they gain access to academic expertise, government funding toward both student-intern and project, along with one-to-one support from Mitacs.

For more information on any of the above funding opportunities:
Contact the ACE Project Space