Our talented students at the ACE Project Space work with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and realize ideas into real products.

Have an idea you want to bring to life?

In the ACE Project Space, our BIT and BTM students can help you turn your product ideas into reality. Our environment is best suited to help entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their business development and community organizations that require a technology-related solution, product or prototype. We can help you reach your goals and have long-term success by working together, sharing experiences, and experimenting with new ideas.

Students are interested, enthusiastic, and engaged workers and are excited to experience a real project and to work for an equally enthusiastic client. BIT and BTM students have the basics of many technologies including: application development, web development including mobile-first web-applications, networking, and database development. BTM students will also have skills in business analysis, design, and management practices.

Students and entrepreneurs have access to working-space, technology, and mentorship at the ACE Project Space to work on projects. Our space is a safe environment for entrepreneurs and students to work together and have a chance to make a difference in their community. We want to ensure that each project matches the skills of the students as much as possible. Entrepreneurs must be willing to mentor students and encourage them to pursue their own ideas and to become future entrepreneurs.

With our diverse faculty, we are well equipped to help you in many areas beyond crafting your minimum viable product (MVP). Our faculty specialize in: entrepreneurship; marketing; advice on business decisions; discuss success strategies. Our projects all use Agile Project Management, while it is beneficial for entrepreneurs to be familiar with Agile, it is not required.

By participating in the ACE Project Space, organizations and start-ups benefit from the relationship developed with ACE department instructors and staff who are more than willing to give directions on best practices and on developing a long term business strategy that fosters and encourages innovation.

Come and work with a team of talented students at the ACE Project Space in downtown Winnipeg and use technology to turn your innovative idea into a real product.

Do you have a project you want to bring to life at the ACE Project Space?

Interested entrepreneurs and community organizations are encouraged to apply.

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For more information please contact the Applied Computer Education Department by phone 204-949-8495 or email