Our talented students at the ACE Project Space work with Entrepreneurs and Organizations and realize ideas into real products.

Where Education and Innovation Collide

The ACE Project Space is an interactive workspace where students, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and organizations bring unique ideas to life. With the guidance of experienced staff and faculty, students are able to learn and use cutting-edge technology to create prototypes and products that are ready to market. RRC staff and community mentors help the entrepreneurs study their product markets and make informative decisions. It is a safe space for students and entrepreneurs to research and develop their skills. Working together, all participants learn from the experiments they design to test the products they create at the space.

BIT, BTM, and Information Security students can work at the space while they are enrolled in one of these programs. They can also get credit for the Industry Project term, after completing their third term of study, while working on one of the faculty approved projects.

The ACE Project Space is also a collaborative space where everybody at the space is encouraged to share idea and discuss their experiences. EIRs (Entrepreneur-In-Residence) can effectively learn from each other. The same is true for students.

Real projects for real life

By working with actual clients, students gain experience: working and collaborating in teams; discovering requirements; selecting technologies; and building actual solutions. ACE Project Space students often gain in-depth work experience that many co-op students aren’t able to receive in their placements.

Where do the Industry Projects come from?

Industry projects are ideas often proposed by the owners of these ideas: the entrepreneurs. There is a form that the entrepreneurs need to fill, where they can explain the idea and provide some other information about the technology they would like to use. ACE faculty examine all of the proposals submitted and select the ones that align with the students’ skill sets and interest. The entrepreneurs then will be contacted to have a meeting at the ACE Project Space. During the meeting, ACE instructors and researchers ask questions to understand the scope of the project proposed. They also inform the entrepreneur about the space and the services that the entrepreneur will have access to while being at the space.

ACE instructional and admin staff, or non-for-profit organizations may also propose their own projects and work with students to complete these projects. ACE, also accepts projects from other organizations. Projects that of special interest to the community are always welcomed at the space.

Do you have a great idea you would like to bring to life?

Propose your idea today!

What students can expect at the ACE Project Space

Students can expect to take charge of their learning, work with their project sponsors and teammates in order to solve real business problems, develop new products, or develop new services for their project sponsors.

There are no limitations for students to move beyond their acquired skills, as we encourage them to find the best solutions for their projects. The opportunities to learn new technologies, languages, frameworks, solve problems, and so much more in this project-based learning environment is incredible. Students explore emerging technologies, with opportunities to think outside of the box and innovate.

Project teams are selected by faculty representatives to match student skills to projects, additionally matching faculty advisors to each project to help direct each team. Each multi-disciplinary team is typically made up of 2 to 5 BIT and BTM students. Students are typically assigned to one team for the term, where one project is assigned per team. Under the guidance of our ACE Project Space project manager, our students follow an agile methodology with daily stand-up meetings, development sprints every 1 to 2 weeks, and meeting with project sponsors at the end of each sprint to consult on the progress and direction of their projects.

Where is the ACE Project Space?

Our space is located on the 5th floor of the North Forge building, 321 McDermot Avenue, which is two blocks away from our Roblin Centre (previously Princess Street Campus). The ACE Project Space has occupied this office since January 2017.